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Web Wiz CAPTCHAWeb Wiz CAPTCHA is free security image software written in Classic ASP that displays a security image on your websites forms which only humans can read. This prevents your websites forms from being spammed by robots and hacked using dictionary or brute force hacking.

Web Wiz CAPTCHA has been made to be simple to integrate into your website's existing web forms in minutes.

Download Free Web Wiz CAPTCHA Download
FREE download of Web Wiz CAPTCHA, fully functional software.
Web Wiz CAPTCHA Features Features
Checkout what Web Wiz CAPTCHA has to offer.
Web Wiz CAPTCHA Online Demo Online Demo
Give Web Wiz Web Wiz CAPTCHA a spin with this online live demo.
Web Wiz CAPTCHA Documentation Documentation
Need a little help? This online documentation should help you get Web Wiz CAPTCHA setup and running with the least amount of fuss.
Web Wiz CAPTCHA System Requirements System Requirements
Will Web Wiz CAPTCHA work with your system or hosting account? Find out here.
Web Wiz CAPTCHA Purchase and Pricing Purchase and Pricing
Find out pricing for licenses, installation and phone/email support packages.
Contact Sales Contact Sales
Got any questions, then just ask one of our experts.
CAPTCHA - An acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart"

So why not download it for free now and give it a spin?
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Key Features
Bullet100% Classic ASP, no DLL's
BulletSimple to setup
BulletIntegrates into existing forms
BulletProtects from spam bots
BulletDictionary hacking protection
BulletEach image is unique
BulletConfigure CAPTCHA colours
BulletConfigure noise settings
BulletConfigure distortion settings
BulletReload image function
BulletABBYY FineReader 9.0 Pro OCR could not detect CAPTCHA


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