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Isolated Application PoolsWeb Wiz uses Dedicated Application Pools (also known as Isolated Application Pools) placing each website in its own process and isolating the website from others that are running on the same server.

Dedicated Application Pools are available with our following hosting packages:-

   BulletWindows Hosting
   BulletWindows Dedicated Hosting
   BulletWeb Wiz Forums Hosting

With many Windows Hosting Providers there maybe hundreds or thousands of websites that share a single Application Pool. With each Application Pool given its own server resources a single Application Pool shared between hundreds of websites only requires small number of server resources. This is great for the hosting provider as it reduces costs significantly, but not so good for customers.

What if a website comes under attack or a bad application or script locks the Application Pool’s Process? Then all dynamic websites that are served by that Application Pool will become unavailable until the Application Pool recycles which could take as long as 24 hours!

By using a Dedicated Application Pool for each of your websites you avoid these complications giving a more stable, secure and faster performing website which is isolated from the other websites. In a way it could be compared to having your own virtual web server for each website.

Web Wiz also configures each Application Pool Process to run under its own identity. This prevents a malicious customer or a hacker using an application or script to overwrite or install malicious code on other websites, which is common with using a Shared Application Pool.

Advantages of using Dedicated Application Pools

Bullet Isolation from other sites
Bullet Less downtime for your site
Bullet Improved performance and reliability
Bullet Protect your site from sloppy code in other websites
Bullet More protection from hackers and malicious users

All our current Windows Hosting, Windows Dedicated Hosting and Web Wiz Forums Hosting Packages come with Dedicated Applications Pools for each of your websites as standard, with no additional charge for this service!

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