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Server Colocation

Web Wiz can provide the ideal environment to house your Server in our Solar Powered Green Data Centre located in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset on the South Coast of the UK.

If you are looking to Collocate your Server in a UK Green Data Centre, or looking for a local Data Centre in Bournemouth, Dorset, then our Data Centre is the ideal place to house your Server.

Powered by the Sun!

Your Server will be powered by the Sun!

Your Server will be powered by the Sun using our on-site Solar Panel Array and Tesla Solar Energy Storage.
See our Green Hosting page for more information.


1U Server

Green Colocation

2U Server

Green Colocation

3U Server

Green Colocation
1U Server Colocation
£99.95 per month
2U Server Colocation
£129.95 per month
3U Server Colocation
£159.95 per month

Server Colocation Features

Rack Space 1U 2U 3U
2 x 100 Mbps Network Ports 2 Ports
Diverse Routing
2 Ports
Diverse Routing
2 Ports
Diverse Routing
Additional Network Port £4.95 per month £4.95 per month £4.95 per month
Power 0.5 Amp 0.5 Amp 0.5 Amp
Additional Power 0.5 Amp £39.95 per month £39.95 per month £39.95 per month
Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Ports 1 1 1
IPv4 Addresses 2 IPv4 Addresses 2 IPv4 Addresses 2 IPv4 Addresses
IPv6 Addresses IPv6 Addresses
Available upon request
IPv6 Addresses
Available upon request
IPv6 Addresses
Available upon request
Additional 1 IPv4 Address £1.95 per month £1.95 per month £1.95 per month
1U Low Power Device 0.5amp
For Router, Switch, Firewall, etc.
£29.95 per month £29.95 per month £29.95 per month
1U Shelf to hold server/equipment £9.95 per month £9.95 per month £9.95 per month
Hardware Firewall Protection £9.95 per month £9.95 per month £9.95 per month
UK Support Info UK Technical Support UK Technical Support
Our Support Team is made up of friendly UK based helpful engineers, enabling them to have the knowledge and skills to help.
Included Included Included
Remote Hands Support £44.95 per hour £44.95 per hour £44.95 per hour
No Minimum Contract Period Included Included Included
99.9% Uptime Guarantee Info 99.9% Uptime Guarantee 99.9% Uptime Guarantee**
We are able to guarantee a 99.9% uptime as we work hard to ensure that our network is fully resilient, with multiple automatic backup systems and round-the-clock availability monitoring that will alert engineers the moment any issues are detected.
Included Included Included
Green Server Colocation Info Green Server Colocation Green Server Colocation
Eco-friendly ethics are at the heart of all our services.
✔ Web Wiz UK Solar Powered Data Centre ✔ 100% Renewable Energy ✔ Carbon Offsetting ✔ Energy Efficient UK Data Centre ✔ Energy Efficient Servers

Included Included Included
Solar Powered Colocation Info Solar Powered Colocation Solar Powered Server Colocation
Our Data Centre and Office are powered by our on-site Solar Panel Array which generates our electricity. Our Data Centre and Solar Panel Array is owned and operated by Web Wiz. We are the first and only Hosting company to offer Solar Powered Server Colocation in the UK.
Included Included Included
100% Renewable Energy Included Included Included
Solar Energy Storage Info Green Web Hosting Solar Energy Storage
Even in the dark our Green Server Hosting is still powered by the Sun! Our Tesla rechargeable lithium-ion battery system stores the excess electricity produced in the daytime by our Solar Panel Array to use when the Sun goes down.

Included Included Included
Carbon Offsetting Info World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Carbon Offsetting
We have partnered with The World Land Trust to offset all our Electricity (including those from renewable sources), Water and Transport carbon emissions since 2010, through their Carbon Balanced Programme.

Included Included Included

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